What is the message of The Milk Miracle?

S. Kumble wrote in his guest book entry: “I believe this miracle is an indication from God that he is present and ever ready to help us.”

This message is conveyed through an inoffensive, yet unmistakable and unprecedented, global sign. Let’s pray wholeheartedly that all those in doubt may find reaffirmation of their faith, regardless of their religion.



Why has the miracle occured only one day?

This is the crucial question. To prove the existence of the transcendental, it takes not more than one day. The free will of mankind is respected, doubts are allowed...



Why did the Gods take only milk (liquid) on that particular date?

Interesting question. Maybe nobody tried otherwise. Milk has a deep symbolic meaning, because it is the gift of the holiest animal (because of its complete selflessness and peacefulness): the cow, which is reigned by Bhumi Devi, which also is the supreme Deva for the planet earth. The Gods have accepted the offering of the suffering earth (humans as well as the entire animal kingdom).



Did other deities except Ganesha and Nandi accept the milk offer?

It seems as if the Gods enjoyed to play their “leela” with the believers and non-believers. A Krishna statue is reported to have accepted the milk offer, whereas Radha denied at the first try, but accepted it lateron.



Why did the Message spread out and moved millions so quickly to the temples, while mass media started reporting only the next day?

It appears as another miracle by itself that literally millions, who were just informed by word of mouth, got involved instantly. Because usually any news in the information age should have a hard time to penetrate through the umbrella of scepticism and elightenment of modern, overfed people, occupied with their day-to-day struggle.



Why didn’t the scientific community start a thorough investigation of the phenomeon?

This could be a perfect example of the incredible suggestive power of the mass media. Although none of the sceptics and so called atheists had an answer of why a “natural” phenomenon would happen only on that single day, they succeeded in quickly creating a climate of ridiculousness and embarassment against which it is quite difficult to stand out with ones own reputation, with the miracle having disappeared as quickly as it had begun. It is also an impressive proof, that the synchronized mass media are not headed towards the truth (rather the contrary) and that the majority of people have not the discrimination power to withstand (or better avoid) targeted disinformation and audio-visual conditioning.



Why can you see the milk running down the statue and all around the base like a sindk full of milk if the statue drank it?

When thousands of people feed ten thousands of litres milk with nervous and excited hands, it is statistically inevitable that some litres are spilled.



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