It was a miracle for the masses, creating faith and brotherhood. Not only among Hindus, but also among members of other faiths. And even those of no faith at all.



The Hindu Milk Miracle of 1995 and 2006




August 20th/21st 2006



Devotees Throng Temples To See Hindu Deities Drinking Milk

All Headline News



Milk-drinking gods just plain science

IBN Live



September 21st 1995



Hindu Milk Miracle

New Frontier



Indo-Americans Swept by the "Milk Miracle" Storm

India Journal



"...a sign that a great soul and descended"



"It's a Miracle!" Rejoice Millions
As Lord Ganesha Receives Milk

Of Milk and Media (Jan 1996)

Hinduism Today



The Great Ganapati Milk Udyog

Times of India



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Milk Miracle Does a Boy Good

Hinduism Today



What Miracles Are Made Of

Hinduism Today



The Milk Miracle




The Day of the Milk Miracle

Prashant Solomon, ufoindia.org



Tales and reflections

Hinduism Today



Pakistan Milk Miracle 1998

Express India



target="new"Hinduism Forum

Friendster Forum, thread: “The Milk Miracle” - with more witness statements



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Lord Ganesha Rolls down Tears

Asian News International, Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh),September 1, 2005



Virgin Mary is crying blood (Yahoo News)

Same News in CNN (with photo of two blood tears)

Nov, 27th 2005, Sacramento, Calif.



Virgin Mary de Guadalupe

In 1531, 9 million Azteks converted voluntarily to Christianit within several years, after the miracolous apparitions of the Virgin Mary in today’s Mexico City. This can be considered as the beginning of the modern Mexican nation (merging of Indian and Spanish races) with Holy Mary as their empress and patron saint.



Saint Mary in Brooklyn!

A picture of St. Mary in a house of coptic believers started to shed oil for days and weeks.






Bhagavad Gita as It is - answers to basic questions on modern life from Hinduistic view point.



A Tribute to Hinduism

One of the most comprehensive web sites about Hinduism. A Must!



All-India disaster relief

Tsunami 2004 and earthquake 2005 relief activities by Amritanandamayi Math, India




Discussion of traditional vs. “Neo Advaita”. (German)