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Hi! I witnessed Lord Ganesh drinking milk in Trinidad at my home not only milk but also water also the cow and mother Durga accepted the offering of milk and water this is truly something great.






Jai Ganesh! I don't know if this site is still in use, but I just wanted to report that fifteen yrs later the miracle has happened again. Yesterday and today in trinidad and Tobago Shri Ganesh murtis have been accepting offerings of milk and water. As the word spread, I've heard of ppl in Canada Florida Houston Washington and UK who also experienced the miracle today. I'm not sure about in India. Maybe someone mite be able to tell me if it has happened again in India as well? Also not just Shri Ganesh is accepting offerings, but other murtis as well. Personally Shri Krishna and lord shiva accepted my offerings of water and milk. But other devotees were able to offer to Hanumanji, Shri Ram,Durgama, Lakshmima, Saraswatima. Although I was able to offer milk fifteen yrs ago, I was just 9 yrs old and now the sheer greatness of this has me alternating between laughing and crying all day!




Jay Ali


Today, it has happened here in Trinidad, and I also think worldwide, the murtis were drinking milk and water. This miraculous phenomenon last occurred here in 1995 and it has happened again today. Jai Ganesha! Jai Hanuman! All praises due to God!!!!!!!






Hi, my name is Anandhi. I have been studying with Dattatreya Siva Baba since 2002.
I wanted to share a little bit of background on the video that everybody has seen in regards to me offering milk to the Statue (Murti) of Dattatreya Siva Baba (
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb-4u5aDNYc ). I was inspired by this website (www.milkmiracle.com), which features the first recorded phenomenon of September 21st, 1995 where a statue of Ganesha started drinking the milk that individuals were offering to him. It was huge.
This came up because Ganesha’s birthday is coming up – actually tomorrow (August 23rd) . I was inspired to do this. So, on Thursday, August 20th I got a glass of milk and took a spoon full of milk and put it up to Dattatreya Siva Baba’s Statue. I started chanting the Miracle Mantra. I chanted it a few times and the room that I was in turned into gold – golden light. My body temperature started to rise. Next thing I know – the milk was disappearing from the spoon. I was completely amazed by this!
I told a couple of individuals about this and they were speechless – it was a miracle. I promised to try it again and this time I would video record it and see what happens. This was the next day – yesterday (August 21st). So I did - again I did the same thing – I chanted the miracle mantra and I offered the milk-filled spoon to Dattatreya Siva Baba’s Statue. He quickly accepted it.
There’s no way for me to explain this… expect that it IS the time for miracles. Individuals need to believe in those miracles, be accepting of them and be open to them. We are surrounded by such phenomenon and miracles during every moment of every day.




Sonika Sharma


I was only 8 when this miracle occurred. Yet I still remember exactly how it happened. Residing in Toronto, Canada I was a believer in God but at times I did have my doubts. I only believed in God because that is what my parents had taught me. Feeding milk to Ganesh Ji was the most amazing experience in my life. For those of you who have been able to experience this miracle, feel privileged, lucky, thankful that you were able to be a part of it in your life time. Who knows if it will happen again, or if our children will be able to experience it. I really hope it will happen again! I was so young and would do anything to witness it again. I believe Ganesh Ji drank the milk we offered Him to help restore our faith in this Kalyug era. According to Hinduism, God has come down to earth in different forms, I believe this was one of the forms. Lord Ganesh Ji took his form in all murti's around the world to show us we should continue believing in Him and never give up. We should be God fearing and open hearted. There is no room for anger or hatred in this world, it only makes everything worse. People are ignorant, they refuse to accept this miracle occurred and go on doing whatever they please. I feel very sorry for such individuals and hope one day they will develop faith. I love Ganesh Ji and I thank Him for drinking the milk I offered and letting me be a part of this. Let us all continue believing and spread love/happiness around the world!
Shri Ganeshaya Namah!




Helen Mistry


Jay Ganesh!
Dear reader,
I was visiting my mother in law in Mumbai with my then 4yr old Son Fali. This was during the September 1995 miracle. Shyama informed her Grandson and myself that Ganeshji was drinking milk. Although my son and I lived alone in the U.K. Fali even at 4yrs was familliar with some Hindu Gods and Deities, Ganesh always a favorite with me. Shyama instructed the driver to take us to my sister in law Shirins' home,  where after batheing our hands and feet we made Pooja to Ganesh; He drained our offered spoons in turn; much to the delight of Fali and awe of myself, his grandmother, aunty and two servants. We carry re-enforced faith with us thanks to Ganeshji.
Jai Sat Chanand.




Abhinav Bhardwaj


It was my 9th birthday when ganeshji did this miracle. Then onwards my religious attitude grew up and I believed in respecting other people. It was the reason I have changed my behaviour and a lot of things. I am studying in best technical institute of india i.e. IITD. I never hesitate in believing the existance of God. But from last few years I had started doubting on my memories but thanks to this website and videos available on youtube. My frinds Varinder is also thankful for providing securance to this incident.




Davenre Nair


I believe our Lord Ganesh must have a reason for his action. Only he himself can provide the answer. I have a very strong feeling that he wants all Hindus, free thinkers and others in their own faith to wake up to the notion that God is well and alife and still present in this modern era in what ever form or religion.




Kalpa T.


Hi there,
to all believers of the milk miracle: I have been privileged enough to witness this phenomenon daily in my own home, because since 1995 till date, Lord Ganesh has been drinking milk whenever offered to him in my own mini temple. I don’t know what this means and have not told anyone about it either, I have been blessed and graced by such an astonishing sight, it overwhelms me every time.
God is watching us and blessing us always...believe..




Selva Sunder


Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Back in the 80s, my aunty used to tell me how great Lord Ganesha is and how he will takes care of us all. She used to tell me to pray to Lord Ganesha truthfully and every cent of money I spend on him. I will get it back 100 times more.
Back then I did not see his true powers, until in the early 90s, when problems were too hard to bear, I remembered what my aunty used to say. I prayed to Lord Ganesha fully with no expectation, telling him of my problems. I vowed to prayer to him truthfully for one month and started my prayer. You know what - he solved all my problems quickly within two weeks, and what my aunty “said he will give back to you 100 times more for what you have offered to him” - IT DID HAPPEN 100%. BELIEVE!
Since that day, I have been trusting him and praying to him and of course he is a God of caring, loving, testing me and even teach me a lesson when I go on a wrong path.
Brothers and sisters,




Ludmila Carpen


Hi! First of all i would like to introduce myself, am a Mauritian. I am overwhelmed to find out that this miracle happened all over the world. It happened in Mauritius some years back and it was considered as a miracle!! Some people also converted to Hinduism... There was a big rush at that time in all temples over the island as all gods were drinking milk!!




Chirag Patadia


I have been a believing Hindu all my life.
I always believe in God, Shri Krishna. I also always believe in the demigods, Shri Ganesh. My love for God has grew tremendous over those last 10 years since this miracle happened. I depend on God, I pray to Him everyday, and I carry a Shri Ganesh murthi with me wherever I go. I am a firm believer in God, I will instill good Hindu belifs in my children to be, and I will take my last breath chanting the Lord's name.
Jai Shri Krishna, Jai Shri Ganesh!




Amit Khera


I live in Toronto Canada in 1995 and was with my family when we received the calls from India. I was 17 years old and couldn't believe what I was hearing. We turned on the television and there was the miracle happening at our local temple. I immediately went to the temple to see if this was true. To my astonishment and my sincere investigating, what we all were hearing and seeing was actually true. I was shocked and immediately turned to god and remained a strong spiritual being as of September 21, 1995. Thank you lord for restoring my faith.




Ravi Rajkaran


I have no reason why I am posting this, but I am hoping someone can help: The other night I had a dream - it felt so real! In my dream I was in a temple on a mountain, bells ringing, and I was given a jar of milk to drink and bathe with, to wash my sins away. That wasn’t the weird part. I have an "OM" tattoo on my arm. When I woke up, the shirt where that tattoo is, was wet and it wasn’t water, it was milk. And I could taste the milk in my mouth. So, for the past few days I’ve been looking this up. If anyone can please help, that would be great.




Serena Cervantes


I don't know who I'm writing to, but I heard about this so called milk miracle on the History chanel yesterday...and ever since about Feb. of this year I have had an ever present craving for milk. I went to a Christian church recently and a woman told me that God would make me so thirsty for Him. And now that I know that Ganesh is the God of Wisdom, and I constantly have this craving for milk, maybe I'm craving and thirst for wisdom? For God? I don't know... maybe i'm just weird.




Gobi Sathya


It's been 13 years and all this time my boyfriend was thinking that the milk miracle was scientifically proven wrong. Today, watching the videos and reading these articles together has made him realize what in fact is reality... how true this miracle really is.




Hunny Sharma


I just come up after to tell you guys this: I did my pooja at about 8pm today and then offered milk to Ganeshji. For the 1st time ever he’s just drunk about 7 spoons full. Thought I share it with you guys. God bless you all.
With love and blessings,
Jay Ganesh!




Sura Uppal


I was a major in army then and posted at Army Training Command at Shimla. My staff informed me about it and I went to see myself. I believe in God. I feel it was mass hysteria (looking to see a miracle). I saw lots of milk flowing down the drain near the statue.
I have to ask why Gods start drinking milk in a poor country like India? Why not start spilling out milk so that the miracle is worthwhile and leaves no room of any doubt? Imagine if they start drinking milk on a daily basis. All will lose interest as they will not have time nor the money and they will get to their right senses. God has given us brain to reason and use it. I wish you all light.

[Comment by P.M.: Interesting points! It is obviously the nature of the Divine, that it doesn’t enforce believe, but waits patiently for voluntary love. We have to do the first step, that’s the rule of the game. If the miracle would some day occur on a daily basis, the greater miracle would certainly be, that educated people would still ignore it. Then mankind could be easily divided into two categories: truth seekers and aggressive disbelievers].




Neeraj Arora


I wish u well. Keep doing this kind of work. It helps many sheep. I hope Gods get hungry and starts eating as well, it will be slightly difficult but a better miracle as food can not just flow and they have to chew, which is difficult..lol. Good luck and God speed.




Rikah Buddu


When these miracles started, I was living in South Africa and went to the mandhir to make my offering. The second time it occured, we tried it at our home and found the Murti to take our offering. Have others had this on an ongoing basis or was it only on the few days?






Many of you may remember the milk miracles that occured back in 2006 and 1998, well apparently it might be happening again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exoCi2N2VxA. This just happened yesterday so it might still be occuring if anyone has murtis in their house I advice them to try feeding them milk!




Satya Nand Sharma


How lovely! This page is very informative and of a great service to the searchers of truth. Trough this page we can also contact like minded friends.




Mark Harris


I think that the milk miracle is brilliant. Forget about all other world events in history, this event has no peers. God moves in mysterious ways! Remember though that we live in fearful times and the only explanation for all the pandemonium is satan, his evil angels and spirits. Having said this the Christian bible says (in Genesis) that satan would be condemned to eat dust! Not milk! In one day all arguments about God not existing ceased. I moved in the world of dead having travelled a straightened road. I have lived a living death, blinder than the blind, in the world of living. I have witnessed the Word of God in a moment of dreadful torment.






Hi all, I was 19 when the last milk miracle [1995] happened in Trinidad. And my entire family offered milk to Ganesha, and yes it was a wonderful miracle!




Rajendran Ravindran


Just two days ago my Ganesh drank bottles of milk. How can that happen in Malaysia? I can’t believe it, how???




Bharat Patel


God has always been there in the universe. The difference is in the names. Making us believe that come back my children, follow me. Do not go away from your culture which is your identity. Born Hindu is a proud identity and generation now a days is busy following other cultures which gives them no identity.
Jay Bhagwan




Dee Ancharaz


I’m unsure whether there has been any coverage of what happened in India on the 20th August 2006. It was a repetition of what happened in Sept 1995. This is to me is a very spiritual happening, scientist cannot prove everything to us using theories, somethings happen on earth just via miracles. This will be very difficult for them to prove and things have become more advance in technology they need to adapt to a new theory I agree. You dont have to be a believer in hinduism to believe this just look at the pictures and videos that have been filmed. I think that this happens to show us and remind us of gods presence on earth.




Balaji V


Those who do not beleive HINDUISM will start relooking at it and realise how wonderful it is. They will appreciate this WAY OF LIFE.




Joe Coletta


I hope that plenty of people will get plenty of photos & video, so the "scientists" who don't believe their own eyes will have to make up even more creative excuses this time. Don't forget to look down for the puddle that isn't there.




Mayur Patel


I have asked helptv.ca to take a look at your site and also to watch the video. I hope they do some research and do an episode on this. I have passed this website to many friends and family. I have also sent many of my friends the video as well. I like to provide this video at temples in my area. It is important that young Hindus see this kind of miracle and believe in Hindu religion. It is difficult for young people in North America to understand the Hindu religion where other religions are linear and easy to understand.




Nick M.


I remember hearing about this years ago. I am an active Roman Catholic. I mention the milk miracle to friends who doubt God. Yes I am a Christian and sometimes Christian acquaintances will ask "How can you believe in this milk miracle if you are a Christian?" My answer is simple: God reveals himself to people however he sees fit. I have experienced in my life miracles (albeit small) that also confirm to me that God is listening and answering us. We should also remember that God is the creator and can reveal himself as Christ or via Hindu divinities as he pleases. Sadly, many folks point to their own faith (or lack of) as the only true faith and that anything that deviates from such is impossible. No! Our loving God is quite capable of performing this miracle and others. Those who worship and pray to a God of love, generosity, kindness and compassion and try to remember this in their day to day lives are praying to the one the all the true God. Our creator loves us dearly - he is more capable than we and it is he whom we should ask for help. I love your website and may God bless us everyone - and may we all take the lesson from this that God wishes us to go the extra mile for love compassion and forgiveness. Remember my brothers and sisters to love, forgive and do all you can to help those in need wherever you may live. Pray for wisdom and help in this regard. This is a wonderful website.




Mr. Sceptic


Seriously folks,
what is the mircale in watching a stone or clay statute supposedly imbibe milk fed to it via spoon? Is it really "that" big of a deal if an inanimate object wastes a precious resource that would much better suit a child?  Think about it, there is nothing very "miraculous" about this supposed feat, if its true to begin with...I would advise anyone reading this to do some serious soul-searching, and before you jump to any conclusions - i'm agnostic, i.e. believe in a higher being, not necessarily any one religion.






My name is loveena and I am a Hindu of Indian descent from the small island of Mauritius. In 1995 I was 15 and I can still remember quiet clearly my personal experience. There were broadcasts from all over the world and also from Mauritius about the Hindu gods drinking milk from devotees. These news were on TV as well as newspapers and as most Mauritians are quite faithfull there was an air of excitement in the temples and holy places and the broadcasts were daily for I think a couple of days. Everyone was talking about it and my cousin (who was the same age as me) rang to say that his Ganesha Bhagavan at his home altar had in fact drank milk from his own hands. I was really amazed and I wanted to try as well (being that age it seemed like magic to me). So I did try it in my own family pooja room and most amazing of all we did not have a Ganesha murti but a picture encased in glass!! And yes, my Bhagawan did accept my offering of milk from a small spoon and I was so ecstatic that I made everyone try...my mother, father, and sister. My father who is a natural skeptic was left with his mouth hanging open without any words!!




Devi Balchand


I am a German woman living in Canada. I had been introduced to Hinduism in 1993. In May of 1995 I met my future husband, whose name is Ganesh. When this milk miracle happenned, I was overwhelmed.  I did not have the opportunity to go to a temple myself, but I heard from many friends how all the murtis were drinking milk!  I do not quite know what the meaning of it is, but the fact that it started with a murti of Shri Ganeshji drinking the milk, must mean that this is the beginning of a new era in Hinduism. It certainly was the beginning of a new life for me. It confirmed my belief in Sanatan Dharm and strengthened me to continue my journey on the Path.
You have done the world a wonderful service by posting this website and video. I will email this website on to my Gurudev.
Jai Ganesh! Jai Ganesh! Jai Ganesh!
[visit Devis spiritual web site:




Premkumar B.


Wow, this website is amazing! My sincere wishes and heart felt thanks to the web master of this site for documenting this great miracle for the many future Hindus!




S. Kumble


I was born and brought up in Australia. At the age of eleven (1995) I pestered my parents to let me study in India (Bangalore) for a year  to get an Idea about the culture and the language of the country where my parents grew up. Call it coincidence or anything else, it was the same year that the milk miracle had occured. With my own eyes I have witnessed this miralce, the milk simply disappeared into the statue. Until then I was not too concerned about religion, but after this miracle it gave me some direction to discover what my religion was all about and after many years of questions and inquiries I have discovered Hinduism has a lot of offer to me and to the rest of the world. I believe this miracle is an indication from God that he is present and ever ready to help us. Jai Ganesh!
[highlights by P.M.]




Brigitte Bressan


I was in New Delhi that day and went myself to a temple myself during the lunch time and gave Ganesha some milk in the spoon. The liquid was absorbed!!!! I went to another temple in the evening after my office hours and discussed with the priest. This miracle was a real spiritual experience which I will never forget. This experience inspired me to write an article that has been published in the press.




Dhanjay Ramjass


I am a South African born into the Hindu faith and remember this miracle and I know it was a blessing to have been a part of it. I was 19 at the time, and was sceptical of the miracle until I witnessed it for myself. Jai Ganesh!






I was 20 yrs when it happened. I did not try it as I was in the hostel. Not many of my friends tried it. But my parents and brothers tried it and confirmed. I did a google search to see the links after I came across this topic in Hinduism today's current issue. It is indeed  a miracle. Wish I had gotten a chance to witness it again.




Bijay Kumar


Thank you so much for keeping this site up. I watch this video clip so many times in a day. Thank you so much.




Sarah Langley


My mother was born into the christian religion, but converted to Hinduism in her early twenties. I was raised as a Hindu, my father and the rest of the family were christians. When my mother died when I was fifteen, I found that my faith waivered. It was hard to be the only one in the family of a different religion, and they were not very supportive of my chosen beliefs. I was seven when the milk mircle happened. I can barely remember it, but I found your site, watched you video, and I cried. I was ashamed that I had doubted for even one moment. Thank you.




Sriram Ganesan


I was just 11 years old (3 days shy of 12 years old) when the milk miracle occurred. I remember sitting in my living room with my mother and father when the news came on the television in our home in North Wales, Pennsylvania, USA...and in fragments of my memory, I remember images of the Ganesh statues drinking milk all over India, Southeast Asia, Canada, and the UK.  I think I was far too young to truly appreciate the enormity of this MODERN DAY MIRACLE. As I got older, I went through various phases of belief in God, as many people do through their teenage years, especially when being brought up in Western cultures, which tend to emphasize free-will much more than Eastern cultures. I then had my Upanayanam in Chennai, India in the summer of 1999 at the age of 15, and I was so enamored by my Hindu faith. However, upon entering into high school, and then college, my time just became occupied and religion went on the backburner.  Now, at the age of 21 (just shy of 22), I suddenly remembered this "thing" I saw on television ten years ago and wanted to investigate it (hey, the internet has to be useful for something right?) 
Upon seeing the video on this website, an overwhelming sense of wonder and amazement came over me, and it brought tears to my eyes and chills down my spine. How could someone see this and not be moved?  Thank you for rekindling my faith and hopefully other questioning youngsters will stumble upon this website and have their faiths reaffirmed as well. Om Shanti.




K. M.


I only found out about this miracle 10 years after it occured.
Thank you for keeping this site up that long. I hope you keep this site up for a very long time. I will now tell all my friends.
Thank you.




Ranga Nadh


Why did the Gods take only milk (liquid) on that particular date? [See FAQs].




MaryJane W.


My name is Mary Jane W. and I am a grade 12 student at Jean Vanier Catholic High School in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. I am currently taking a World Religions class. This course has focused on many religions around the world, including Hinduism. For our final Independant Study Unit, I have chosen to present a seminar to my class on the Milk Miracle.
I am writing to you to ask for your permission to use the short video you have on this website in my presentation. I think the images it shows would have an impact on the students in my class. It would really help me to describe to them the miracle of that day. If you could send me any information I might need, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much in advance
Mary Jane W.




Kalpa T.


Hi, it’s been almost 10 years now since the miracle of Ganesh drinking milk, no one has yet found out why this happened? And why at some places he still does drink milk? Is there a logical reason to this?

Hi Philip
thanx for replying, u can call me kalpa, im 21 years old. I have been wanting to ask so many questions regarding this miracle. No one till date has found out why it happened. It just baffles me. Yes, in some places Ganpati moorties are still drinking milk. About a year and a half ago I saw in a news documentry about a family here in UK where he still drank and that they allow all devotees to come and go. I don’t know if it still is happening. I want to know more about the
book in ur website and want to know who u are and why you have so much interest in all this? Are u German? [yes P.M.] Is this sum sort of research or just curiosity? Sorry, I just want to make sure whom I am contacting. I tried contacting many people regarding this but no response because it is almost forgotten about now, but still the mysteries remain. I will b waiting for ur reply. Thank u. I have many more things to ask and tell u, but for that I will need ur full cooperation.




Jim Benedetto


Hi, I just started reading your page and noticed it only happened 1 day. That was incorrect, I believe. In NJ it happened longer than a day. JB




Miss Ram


Hello Sir/madam,
I'm a student of Brunel University in the process of completing Multimedia Tech & Design. Currently I'm researching on my essential part of the couse, the third year project: superstitions in India, accounting for my entire 4 years. Your website provides very useful information and I was wondering if you could help me with the milk miracle...
Thank you for your co-operation
Kirti Ram




Rajiv Sharma


I was nine years old when the milk miracle occurred. For the past year or so, I have been very skeptic of everything, including all the atrocities, lies, and injustices in Hinduism. I even dismissed the milk miracle as having a scientific explanation. After reading the site, I realize that yes, I was wrong, and that at the core, we have a beautiful religion. Thank you for reaffirming my faith. Jai Ganesh!